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About Us

Pacific Hardwoods is the largest supplier of Ancient Kauri in North America.  We work directly with the Ancient Kauri Kingdom located in New Zealand to import high quality timber that will fit any project that you may have in mind.

If you are a re-seller or a craftsman we can fill any need you may have.  Ever try building a hot tub from a single stump?  Or having the top of a conference table created from a single piece of wood.  Even if your craft items are smaller such as pens or pencils we can fit your needs.

Pacific Hardwoods started from the simple desire to build a project out of this rare wood.  When we imported our first crate of wood for our own projects in early 2003 we found that many people had never heard of the wood and wanted some for their own projects.  Soon nearly all of the wood that we brought in was gone leaving nothing left for our own project.  So with another larger crate on the way it soon became apparent when nearly the entire crate was sold prior to it's arrival.

With the first two smaller crates gone Pacific Hardwoods now moved on to larger quantities due to the building demand.  So in the summer of 2003 we received our first container of Ancient Kauri.  Having over 9,000bf delivered in a single container brought on some additional hurdles to clear.  First was obtaining a 3800sq/ft warehouse to store the wood and next was figuring out how we were going to cut such massive sizes.

Much of the timber imported is in sizes of 45" wide by 3" thick with lengths running upwards of 10'.  We even have large turning blocks at 18" x 18" and stump cuts that are over 5 feet across.

Since much of the wood imported is so massive we have to get very creative in being able to handle the sizes.  This has included purchase of a 36" band saw that will re-saw over 20".  To help with the cutting on the band saw we have designed and are building a large sliding table system that will allow us to more easily handle such large sizes.

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