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Ancient Kauri®

Ancient Kauri is derived from a number of buried prehistoric forests that grew at the dawn of time, some more than 50,000 years ago.  These forests are located in the Southern Hemisphere on the Northern Island of New Zealand, north of Latitude 36 South.

Buried under peat swamps by an unexplained act of nature before the last Ice Age, the trees were left lying just beneath the surface of the ground.  This underground resting-place, sealed from the air, became a perfectly balanced cocoon that preserved the timber.  It is known to be the oldest workable timber in the world.

Extraction of the logs is time-consuming, expensive and technically difficult, requiring skilled operators of heavy machinery.  Working in wet conditions, logs must be carefully brought to the surface. Once removed from the ground, each log is assessed, then milled to yield the best grain and timber qualities.

Ancient Kauri has a beautiful and distinctive grain.  When polished, the wood is a deep golden color with hues, textures and sheen's that change under differing shades of light.

For more information on the History of Ancient Kauri please visit the Ancient Kauri Kingdom website.

Pacific Hardwoods imports Ancient Kauri timber in tree slabs, turning blocks, and stump cuts.

The tree slabs run in lengths of up to 10' long.  We are able to provide rough sawn dimensional lumber from 1/4" to 3" thick, with widths up to 50". Larger sizes can be provided by special order.

Wet and dry turning blanks are available depending on your project.

Stump cuts and stump slabs are available for coffee tables and other specialty items.

No matter what your project is or the size of lumber that you need we can fill your needs.

We will gladly provide digital pictures of the lumber before you buy it.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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Here are some sample pictures of the grain patterns and finishing of Ancient Kauri.

Figured grain. Sample finish in Shellac.
Sample of Extremely figured "Whitebait".
Click on picture to see larger view.

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