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Ancient Kauri
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Timber Sales

Pacific Hardwoods primarily focuses on Ancient Kauri Timber but occasionally we do have other species available.  At any given time we have between 5,000 and 15,000 board feet of Ancient Kauri in stock.  Our stock includes a wide variety of cuts that include artistic slabs, turning blocks, and dimensional lumber.

Regardless of the size of your project we have material available.

Ancient Kauri Stump Bases:
We have a wide variety of stump bases available which can range from as small as 18" to as large as 6' across.  If you have a special project in mind that requires something larger we can work to find you the right piece.

Ancient Kauri Stump Slabs:
Some of the most typical uses for stump slabs are clocks, tabletops, electric guitar bodies, and artistic designs.  The grain patterns in the stump slabs tend to have more curl to the grain and the colorings vary widely and have some of the richest looks to them.  All Stump Slabs are cut up to 3" thick.

Ancient Kauri Milled Flitches (Turning & Carving Blocks):
When it comes to turning we can provide you with nearly any size of flitch that you need.  For pieces over 3" thick we provide them wet and waxed.  So they can be turned close to the finished design and allowed to dry further.

Ancient Kauri Milled Timber:
All our milled timber is air-dried and is custom cut for your order.  You can get some of the largest timber slabs in the world from us.  Our timber slabs can exceed 40" in width and lengths up to 14'.  The grain density of the timber can range from as few as 10 growth rings per inch to well over 100 growth rings per inch.  The average board will typically have between 20 and 40 growth rings per inch.

Pen Blanks:
Our Jumbo pen blanks cut to 3/4" x 3/4" x 5".  We prefer to ship these in minimum quantities of ten.

Ancient Kauri: $5.50 each.

Spalted Alder: $3.25 each. While they last! (Limited quantity available)

Lilac: $4.00 each. While they last! (Limited quantity available)

Artistic Pieces
We have a random assortment of artistic pieces available.  Many of these pieces are just waiting to be made into a small clock or even simply small turned items.

Redwood Turning Blocks (Turning & Carving Blocks):
We have a very small supply of Redwood turning blocks available.  Below are pictures of each of the blocks that we have available.  Please reference the specific block.

#RD-0001-W  9" x 15" x 13" $91.00

#RD-0002-W  5" x 12" x 13" $40.75

#RD-0003-W  12" x 6" x 7" $26.25

#RD-0004-W  5" x 4.5" x 6" $7.25

#RD-0005-W  9" x 6" x 5" $14.00

#RD-0006-W  13" x 8" x 5" $27.00

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